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According to a 2015 poll, 61% of American adults agree that Chiropractors are effective in treating neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

Many different issues can cause neck pain. Here are some of the most notable causes:

• Injuries from car accidents, sports/activities, or slip-and-falls
• Issues with spinal discs in the neck or upper back
• Arthritis in the neck, back or shoulders
• Poor posture at work or home
• Inadequate support while sleeping
• Carrying uneven or heavy loads
• Diseases of the spine, nerves, or muscles in the neck or upper back

How do we diagnose neck pain?

Neck pain is tricky because it can originate in your neck, upper back, or even your shoulders. So the first thing we want to do is locate the source of your neck pain.

We do this by conducting a hands-on examination. After we identify the movements that are causing your pain, we’ll examine the muscles and ligaments in the affected area.

If necessary, we’ll use our onsite Digital X-Ray to take pictures of your neck. These images can be used to confirm a diagnosis or rule out causes before finalizing a treatment plan.

How do we treat neck pain?

Your neck, upper back, and shoulders are all connected, so treatment typically involves these three structures. These are the most common treatment options we use:

Spinal Adjustments – help to realign the spine in your neck and open nerve pathways that could be causing you pain.

Massage Therapy – is an effective way to relieve strain, reduce pain-causing inflammation, and improve circulation to promote natural healing in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Therapeutic Exercises – to improve flexibility, stability, reduce muscle stiffness, and prevent further injury.

How do you prevent neck pain?

You want to defeat neck pain once and for all. Long-term relief starts with a healthy spine.

Routine adjustments will keep the spine in your neck correctly aligned, improve its flexibility, and flexibility in related joints (i.e., upper back and shoulders.

We also provide lifestyle guidance so you can reduce strain on your neck. We suggest improving habits at work and home, reducing screen time, having proper neck support while sleeping, staying active, and seeking immediate care after injury.

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