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In the US, Chiropractors are the highest rated healthcare providers for treating low-back pain above Physical Therapists, Specialist Physicians, and Primary Care Physicians.

What causes back pain?

Your back is a complicated highway of muscles, nerves, blood vessels and joints. And because it plays a crucial role in stabilizing your body, it’s often put under heavy stress throughout the day.

Back pain can be caused by just about anything; poor posture at work, carrying heavy groceries, a sports or activity related injury, or known spinal condition, among others.

Whether your pain is chronic or new, medical experts recommend conservative, all-natural treatment options, like Chiropractic care to conquer back pain.

How do we diagnose back pain?

The goal is to locate the source of your back pain so we can resolve it. We do this by first conducting an exam.

As Chiropractors, we use a hands-on examination technique to determine which movements are causing your pain. Once we identify the movements, we’ll then examine the muscles and ligaments in the affected area.

If necessary, we’ll use our onsite Digital X-Ray to take pictures of your back. These images can be used to confirm a diagnosis or rule out causes before finalizing a treatment plan.

How do we treat back pain?

Back pain can be complex, so treatment typically includes a couple of different approaches. These are the main treatment options we use:

Spinal Adjustments – help to realign the spine and open nerve pathways that could be causing you pain.

Massage Therapy – an effective way to relieve strain, reduce pain-causing inflammation, and improve circulation to promote natural healing.

Therapeutic Exercises – to improve flexibility, stability, reduce muscle stiffness, and prevent further injury.

How do you prevent back pain?

Following your treatment plan is the best long-term solution for defeating back pain. Coming in for routine Spinal Adjustments will keep the spine properly aligned, improve its flexibility, and flexibility in related joints (i.e., hips and neck).

On top of regular adjustments, we provide lifestyle guidance so you can keep the pain away.

Things to pay attention to include: avoid carrying heavy or unequal loads, practicing good posture, losing excess weight, becoming more active, and avoiding prolonged sitting or standing. If you avoid things that compromise your back, you’ll prevent future pain.

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