Can Chiropractic help Sciatica?

Can Chiropractic Help sciatica

Sciatica is a condition of the lower back that effects the nerve that runs down the back of the buttock, thigh and leg.  This condition can have devastating pain associated with it.  The pain can be in the lower back or anywhere along the track of the nerve down the leg.  A really common spot is in the buttocks as this is where the sciatic nerve travels very closely to the piriformis muscle.  The pain may be anything from a strong dull ache to sharp, shooting pain. 

To diagnose this condition we must first establish a thorough history of the symptoms and any injury that may have started the pain.  Then we would do a though exam to see where the problem may be originating.  If we have positive exam findings we would then take appropriate x-rays to determine the condition of the spine and determine if treatment is warranted and safe to perform. 

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