“One of my favorite perks is the one stop shop – I can get a massage alongside my adjustment”

Rebecca Wilts

How can massage therapy help me?


You want relief as quickly as possible. Whether you have acute pain, caused by an injury, or long-standing chronic pain, massage therapy can play a vital role in the recovery process.

Massage therapy can:

• Relieve stress and strain in your joints and soft tissues

• Stimulate blood ow to reduce inflammation and remove toxins that make pain worse

• Neutralize painful muscle knots

• Reduce stiffness and improves range of motion • Promote the body’s natural healing process to speed up recovery

• Lessen anxiety and stress associated with injury and pain

What issues can be treated with massage therapy

At Sage Clinic, we use massage therapy to help patients suffering from:

• Neck pain

• Back Pain

• Headaches and Migraines

• Injuries caused by strain, repetitive use or overuse

• Muscle spasms • Sciatica and other nerve-related issues

• Wrist pain caused by Carpal Tunnel

• Jaw pain caused by TMJ

• Fibromyalgia

• Osteoarthritis

• Stress or Anxiety

• Post-Surgical Pain

What types of massage do we offer?


These are the different massage techniques we use to help you recover:

Swedish Massage – helps promote better circulation and relieve stress, strain, and pain using long strokes and gentle tissue manipulation.

Trigger Point Massage – breaks up muscle knots and relieves painful inammation and soreness.

Sports Massage – helps relieve pain and soreness associated with heavy activity so athletes can perform better.

Deep Tissue Massage – relieves pain and strain in the deeper layers of your muscles.

Pregnancy Massage – helps relieve discomfort and muscle soreness to suit the unique needs of pregnant women.